Building Employee Capabilities

Your Right Staff are Your best Assets

In Seven Generations, we believe that having the right employees at the right place is the most important asset a business can have. To this end, we offer a comprehensive HR solution right from selection and recruitment, hiring, training and development, performance review and employee benefits advisory. We assist businesses which do not have an established HR department. Our team of experts works with the Consultancy Services to handle all HR needs from vacation planning, employee relations.

We also offer employee outsourcing whereby Seven Generation provides Hotels with the required seasonal or permanent employees. We take on the payroll burdens from the business so that the business concentrates in its core business while we take the employee welfare, payroll, leave and disciplinary procedures. This helps the business owner to have a lean team without risking the legal suits and financial burden that come with layoffs will help you address your most business critical opportunities in four focus areas:

Our Candid approach to Consultancy Services has been anchored, on encouraging team work among staff, while at the same time introducing best practices and recognizing staff for the stars they become, with the invaluable trainings that we have in place. We recognize that Employees are the engine in any organization and we would direct them to achieve maximum set goals while having a fun day at work.  Employee Incentive programs and Recognition practices are key indicators to improving morale and notably reflect on your guests coming back.

Human Resource Strategy

Our focus is to empower your team to be the best at every process in their undertaking whilst being confident and motivated.

 Development of Hotel and Restaurant Standards of Operation.
 Advert placement, Short listing, Interviewing and Hiring Solution
 Training and Orientation.
Appraisal and Performance targets

Guest Service Training

Seven Generations regards great attention towards Guest Experience. A wonderful Guest experience creates a lasting impression that is profitable to the business in various aspects; Positive feedback on guest review sites, Guest loyalty and return, higher occupancies, increase in accommodation, food and beverage revenues which is a reflection of favorable business growth.

At your service excellence guest service

  Handling calls

 Handling guest complaints

 Revenue Selling Training and Implementation

 We provide training with modules set to increase revenues, encouraging motivation and at the same time improve guest relations;

Front office Up-selling

 Food and Beverage Selling

 Reservations sales

Effective use of this program will help your organization increase conversion rates and generate additional revenue from selling & up-selling successfully.