Every business owner feels he/she can open and run a Hotel or Restaurant with earnings that will give return on investments and be able to expand and grow his/ her business to a chain or a successful brand. While this is true, in most cases the reverse is more real. Hotels are either trying to compete, stay afloat and barely meet their expenditure, or make minimal profits. This is because the right processes and staffing have not been correctly employed which solely a management issue. Every major investment especially where investing millions of shillings, the return on investment, including the time value for the same should be widely considered and placed on expertise that can effectively put the right systems towards the same and meet set budgets and targets. This ensures that the investor stays confident about his/her investment and at ease with trusted hands onboard.

Through our Hotel & Restaurant Consultant services we are able to help owners  to achieve maximum results in their business. This is achieved by ensuring that we have the right people in the right place and ensure the employees are satisfied and remain loyal to the organization. We ensure the processes, policies and procedures are easily understood by all staff making it easy for them to offer efficient services to the guests. Guests who are satisfied become loyal to the organization and it’s this repeated patronage that leads to profitability and growth. Every Hotel Concept  is unique, and  the market demands keep changing, hence we are flexible to each requirement, to provide quality and cost effective recommendations, manage budgets and risks; provide co-ordination points between our client and service providers; oversee design and finishes; Hire, Train and build employees; Audit and provide successful solutions. By giving precise direction into hotel requirements from onset, start-up and daily operations; we build a winning team that delivers the expectations of all stakeholders. Beyond this, our Hospitality business Development services, also encompass, other aspects in Consultancy Services towards reliable and sustainable growth as mentioned in our other services.

Hotel & Restaurant Pre-0penings

Our Business development team works with investors who want to venture in to the hospitality industry but may be lacking in previous knowledge of the industry. We start with Concept Development, do a feasibility study of the proposed business, develop a business plan that can be used to source for funding from financial institutions; we work with established architects, quantity surveyors and interior designers to ensure that the hotel/ restaurant/ coffee shop design is unique and captures the intended theme. We follow up to ensure every detail in the plan is followed and alterations are only for the better. Our Pre-opening services covers developing a pre-opening plan and budget, personnel recruiting and training, sales and advertising, purchasing, and establishing an account system and controls.

Having vast knowledge in Local and international Hospitality; our Hotel and Restaurant Consultancy Services in Kenya and East Africa region our consultancy services are tailor made for both newly developed hotels and existing properties. Our hospitality consultancy services also extend to businesses such as guest houses and serviced apartments. These services also include design and facilities planning, architectural assistance and review, interior design and lighting recommendations, and mechanical and food facilities installation. Technical services are also available for the expansion, renovation or upgrading of existing hotels or restaurants.

Our pre-opening services will cover:

  1. Obtain business licenses
  2. Assemble pre-opening budgets (working capital, food, beverage, linens, china, etc.)
  3. Hotel specifications in terms of OS & E, FF& E, recommending quantities needed along with reliable suppliers for each and every item.
  4. Recommend the best POS/ PMS in the market, for the property based on its size and available support services, comprehensive nature etc. in its region.
  5. Create and implement the pre-opening marketing plan
  6. Recommend advertising agency.
  7. Recruit, interview, and hire all key Consultancy Services and sales personnel & train all key personnel
  8. Establish definitive objectives and action plans for all departments
  9. Develop pricing for rooms, food and beverage
  10. Develop specifications and bids on building insurance
  11. Coordinate the procurement of guest supplies and employee uniforms
  12. Interface with potential hotel concessionaires
  13. Develop employee benefit program and policy manual
  14. All Hotel Department Standards Operating Manual
  15. Hotel Operation Policy
  16. Standard Operating Procedures
  17. Design all Hotel Forms
  18. Configuration, Set up and to Train Hotel Front Office Computerize System
  19. Configuration, Set up and to Train Hotel Back Office Computerize System
  20. Configuration, Set up and to Train Hotel Point of Sales
  21. Full Control and Monitor Hotel Pre-opening use Checklist

We help hotel owners to achieve maximum results in guest service operations as well as profits, by giving precise direction into hotel requirements from onset, start-up and daily operations  towards reliable and sustainable growth. We currently offer this unique services for Hotel and Restaurant, Guest Houses ,Serviced  Apartment owners in Kenya and other East Africa region.

Tourism in Kenya and East Africa is growing rapidly,  enjoy success from the start, begin with the Experts