Seasoned Hotel Consultants are now  available and more accessible with a wide range of various areas in the Hotel and Restaurant operations courtesy of Seven Generations.  We are passionate, driven by creativity and integrity for optimal performance of hospitality business entities towards meaningful hospitality that adds to the Hotel & Tourism industry in Kenya & East Africa

The first impression is often thought of as the lasting impression and therefore most hotels work on ensuring they get it right from the moment the guest enters your door or tastes your food. At Seven Generations, we seek to redefine this by developing guest service programs that  impress the guests before they arrive, on their arrival, during their stay , before they order food or beverage , as they wait for their orders to be served & during departure after their stay or the meal and all the way after they have gone and converting them to your brand ambassadors.

We certainly know that this normally calls for a lot of work however our proven strategies make it easy for your staff to run with and thereby ensuring that your guests are awed by the exemplary services. At the same time we optimize and reduce costs without compromising value & quality. A precise robust marketing strategy inclusive of managing your online reputation and ensuring  your property attracts and retains the right clientele.  Our Hotel experts are flexible and comprehensive towards each business and are equipped with tremendous international and local experience in tourism and hotel industry.

Easy to implement & use standards of operation that meet international expectations and as well friendly to the Local guest, keeps the guest experience celebrated and consistent, also they make it easy for employees to work with ease & confidence during their daily service, resulting to reduced and expected necessary costs, meeting forecast budgets becomes possible and more so the happy guests being your brand ambassadors, give you a strong financial future from return and referrals, let alone the already noticeable marketing effort.

If you are therefore starting or seeking expert advice to turn around or optimize a Hotel, Restaurant, Guest House, Service Apartment, contact us and we shall without delay focus to fill those beds, restaurants or meeting spaces. Our Hotel Consultancy Services also include managing your establishment therefore providing a 24/7 hands on and support benefit.

happy guests