Our Team

Our Team of Hospitality and Business Consultants have vast knowledge in the Hotel, Tourism, Banking and Aviation Industry both locally and internationally. They are passionate for excellence demonstrated by their dedication to their careers. The desire to have a reliable professional Hotel & Restaurant Consultancy Services led to the birth of Seven Generations with a view of making an impact for generations to come.  Our focus being in Kenya  & other East .

Our seasoned executives & Hotel Consultants hold accredited qualifications and achievements, with over 15 years in specialized Hospitality and Finance fields.  They have worked in various Consultancy Services positions in their fields in 5 Star Hotels, Restaurants, both locally, and internationally recognized Luxury resorts, and in Financial Capacities in Banks as well as other institutions in Business Development, risk and compliance as well as Audit.

Hotel Operators can now benefit, from our grounded Hotel Consultants based in Kenya with a wealth of expertise and experience to share.


 Bring in the experts, build with precision, strategically position your business, and launch into a better profitable future, staying ahead of the rest.



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