We are passionate about East Africa and in particular Our Country Kenya from its rich heritage in tourism, due its Wildlife, eco habitats, large Coastal Beach, its rich cultural diversity and great climate. With improved Hospitality standards and new trends, Hotels and Restaurants in Kenya and East Africa therefore are at great advantage to benefit from the Local and international tourists visiting the region.

Trendy and unique Hotels and Restaurants are opening, upgrading or renovating, every year  in cities and towns such as Nairobi, Nakuru, Naivasha, Thika, Nyeri, Machakos, Mombasa, Eldoret, Kisumu, and with the investors eager to be able to compete and take a large  market share, in accommodation, food and beverage, resort activities, weddings, Corporate meetings & events, team building with many more revenue areas, themes and concepts yet to be introduced or refined.

As a Hotel and Restaurant Consultancy Services company in Kenya, we assist investors with Hotel and restaurant consultancy services,  in Opening Hotels and restaurants in the region.  We have seen over the years, mistakes that have been very expensive to correct, business with underutilized potential or failed businesses. There are various points to consider, when considering having good penetration in the diverse market and reap the highest revenues and keep growing. The key is to ensure that every guest has a fond experience to remember, winning the loyalty hence, and good client retention translating to highest possible revenues, and with the correct strategies and Consultancy Services from onset, higher GOP margins, from lowest possible operating costs.

To enhance tourism in East Africa in Kenya we would propose that investors consider a few sample Tips when; Opening their Hotel or Restaurant.

There are key focus areas to be considered before Opening a Hotel or Restaurant operation to ensure that right decisions and actions towards the project are correct and accurate, thereby investment is made with strong basis on return and profitability projections. The key areas that are usually taken for granted mainly the administrative as well as ensuring proper strategies.

It may seem easy to open a Hotel or Restaurant, however an investor must be ready to take on the right processes otherwise frustration is imminent.

We recommend that you take the right steps;

  1. Seek Professional assistance – Most investors choose to go at  it alone, and only call in the experts when they are at a snag, at this point the  mistakes made are at many times too many, some irreversible because correcting them would be even more expensive for the business that is already strained.
  2. Choose a location – is the location right on for the business you want to put up the Hotel or Restaurant, ensure that you have done a comprehensive market research.
  3. Develop the Business Concept – What concept would be ideal, and profitable, develop the concept.
  4. Develop Business Plan – Describe the business and administrative route that should govern the business, formulate a three year financial projection.
  5. Have enough Capital- Make out budgets, based on the business plan, as would be required to open and run the business and expected returns.
  6. Due Diligence of the Site Selected – Is  the property considered as is being described by the  the Owner says when he is selling or Leasing to you.  Its vital that you check with the be local authorities yourself and have are legal documents in writing.
  7. Licenses and Permits – Ensure that you make out and are familiar with all necessary Licences and Permits in advance
  8. Hotel or Restaurant Pre-opening stage – Various Processes and most critical backbone of the business hinges on this, the right concept will determine, the menu, equipment to purchase, uniforms, no. of staff to hire and when to hire, marketing, signage’s and much more. Proper timing on each level is very important for effectiveness.
  9. Be ready to change – during the business set-up processes it is likely that afew business ideas will emerge, if the ideas lead to improving the business and are in line with the focus, change accordingly.
  10. Time Frames & Check Lists – Proper supervision as planned is highly necessary,  to ensure that time lines are met in every stage, as well ensure that check lists are used by all involved and monitored through the departmental heads. This will ensure effectiveness and correct processes are followed ensuring that the business opens as was intended with commendable accuracy.

Keep in mind, Hotels and Restaurants are businesses predominantly; accommodation, food and Beverages are merely the products for sale.

Your Hospitality Business success is dependent on the Right People, and Right processes to expect maximum regular profits.  Our Hotel Consultancy services in Kenya are available for Hotels, Restaurants, Guest Houses, or Serviced Apartments in Nairobi, Nakuru, Naivasha, Thika, Nyeri, Mombasa, Machakos, Eldoret, Kisumu surrounding towns & other East Africa region.


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