As dependable Hotel Consultants in Kenya, we assist investors with distressed businesses,  Hotels, Restaurants, Guest Houses, Service Apartments with an practical operational turnaround solutions, with the main focus being timely identification and implementation of hotel re positioning strategy to maximize the hotel asset value. The emphasis on turnaround situation is timely implementation of remedial measures to ensure the business remains afloat. Our strategies for turnaround revolve around revenue generation and cost cutting so that the business recovers and gets on profitabily path.

Consultancy Services Turnaround.

Financial success of any Hotel facility is largely dependent on the skill and ability of on-site Consultancy Services. There is an increase in hotel & restaurant under performing globally, this is mainly due to to poor Consultancy Services, wrong business concept, unnecessary overheads, side tracked & inconsistent Sales and Marketing efforts, no clear structures and standards of operation, quick fix-short cut processes.

Seven Generations Hotel Consultants are proud to be a valuable resource in Kenya & East Africa being flexible & persistent towards meaningful Hospitality development & growth. We are consistent with Increasing Value, while saving costs, at the same time improving guest Experience and saving time for employees, by changing service procedures in different hotel, restaurant, guest houses and service apartments. Effective Hospitality in business today is only profitable if the consumers therefore ‘Guests’ have in turn value for their money from products and services supplied.

The Unique identity however is the experience attached with the supply. If the guest has memorable fond experience or has confidence that the experience is worth the equivalence of the cost then it becomes easy to make a reservation and anticipate the end. Our Seasoned Hotel Consultants are committed to drive your hotel into a strong financial reality, with excellence & keep employees motivated, putting a stunning smile on everyone lips.

We mobilize within 72hrs of being tasked to quickly restore guest confidence, satisfaction and regain investors ease of mind. We shall have a comprehensive plan within 10 days with the below key focus areas; –

Today’s Market demands for high level of service and standards, speedily bring in our Hotel Turnaround specialists and lets fill those empty beds, event spaces and restaurant seats.

We certainly put great endeavor towards effective and efficient processes, and staff, to achieve a fond experience and re-position the Hotel Brand on a road map to success.  We follow up every 90 days and fine tune as necessary ensuring that the Hotel, Restaurant, Serviced Apartment is on the right track, and take the lead in the Market Share.  Your Hospitality Business success is dependent on the Right People, and Right processes to expect maximum regular profits.  If in Kenya or East Africa engage our Hotel Consultancy services today ; Contact us

“Don’t Settle Enjoy a bigger Market Share & More Profits- We’d Love To Help”