Seven Generations Consultancy Services limited provides Hospitality  Consultancy and Hotel Consultancy Services s in Kenya & East Africa tailored to fit  +various Hotel, Restaurants or other Hospitality establishments requiring to add guest value while at the same time wish to optimize on revenues. We certainly put great endeavor towards effective and efficient processes and staff,  to simply achieve a fond experience and brand positioning , creating a competitive edge towards wider profit margins and increased sales

Increasing Guest Satisfaction

Create and Careful review, of  Guest Processes. Formulate an authentic repeat guest program. Effectively track guest problems and resolve them and customize service, all geared to ensure that guest expectations are exceeded. 360 degrees Guest service Consultancy Services.

Revenue Generation

Formulate F&B concepts & Timings, Drive REVPAR and review pricing in all areas, recommending improvements in processes , focusing more on our guests than our competitors. Proper Brand Communication, Strategic Research, Marketing & Sales.

Cost Containment

Carefully monitor equipment, design considering overheads costs, alternatives as well ensure best practices in terms of guest give-a-ways, guest communication materials, and front of house stationery and equipment to optimize as possible. We review the procurement procedures to ensure the business is getting the right quality goods at the right price and help contain the food and beverage costs within the budget. We check the organization manning vis a vis business levels to ensure productivity of the staff

Improve Hotel Service Standards

By bench-marking against international hotel chains, in-depth analysis of services to be offered and focusing on service flow in all areas.

Employee Satisfaction

Training, formulating SMART goals, opening various communication channels and giving effective feedback.

As Hotel experts we ensure that the highest business potential is reached, with cost savings, allowing you to focus funds in the right areas, e.g. well-structured sales & marketing, online reputation, revenue distribution systems, employee development or towards additional money generating sources, that you may have overlooked, or as well  re-direct the existing business concept. This keeps your business at an advantage of taking a bigger Market Share and keeps you ahead of other market players.

“Your success is our priority”


“Your success is  our priority”