We help Hotel and Restaurant owners and Hospitality affiliates {Guest houses, Service apartments, Lodges, Youth Hostels} to achieve maximum results in guest service operations as well as achieving higher profit margins by giving precise direction into Hotel and Restaurants requirements from Hotel and Restaurant concept development,  start-up and daily operations; Our Hospitality and Hotel and Restaurant Pre-opening and development services, are currently available in Kenya and East Africa.

Our services also encompass all aspects in Consultancy Services, towards reliable and sustainable growth.

[three_fourth]OUR MANIFESTO

Increasing Guest Satisfaction by creating and carefully reviewing Guest service processes; formulate an authentic repeat guest program; effectively track guest problems and resolve them and customize service, all geared to ensure that



Increased employee satisfaction, loyalty , Guest Satisfaction

Improved Hotel Service Standards

Reliable &Sustainable Business module

Business process improvement

Business Growth and Development

24 hrs., 365 days prompt support

Growth of the bottom-line