Our Services

Total property lease
Under a total property lease, the financial burden is placed on Seven Generations; The Land lord is at ease from all management undertakings and operations with a monthly agreed income and also retains Land ownership and creates residual value. Seven Generations therefore takes up hotel leases and manages the hotel property fully. Read More...
Hotel Management
Seven Generations Offers Hotel Management Services in Kenya and East Africa. The financial success of any Hotel facility is largely dependent on the skill and ability of on-site management. Seven Generations assists hotel owners in the day to day operations right from start up hotel operations or for already Existing Hotels. Read More...
Hospitality Business Development and Pre-openings
Our Business development team works with investors who want to venture in to the hospitality industry but may be lacking in previous knowledge of the industry. We start with Concept Development, do a feasibility study of the proposed business, develop business plan that can be used to source for funding from financial institutions; we work with established architects, quantity surveyors and interior designers to ensure that the hotel/ restaurant/ coffee shop design is unique and captures the intended theme. Read More...
Revenue Generation & Cost Containment Solutions
By reviewing pricing in all areas, recommending improvements in processes, focusing more on our guests than our competitors. We work in key aspects; Website Development; Pre-opening set up; Business plans; Recruitment & training; Standard operating procedures and SWOT Analysis By reviewing best practices in terms of guest give away, guest communication materials, and front of house stationery and equipment to optimize as possible. Read More...
Building Employees Capability- Total Human Resource Solution
In Seven Generations, we believe that having the right employees at the right place is the most important asset a business can have. To this end, we offer a comprehensive HR solution right from hiring, training and development, performance review and employee benefits advisory. For those business which do not have an established HR department, our team of experts work with the management to handle all HR needs from vacation planning, employee relations. Read More...
Internal Audits, Risks & Compliance
Are your employees doing what they are supposed to do? Are the laid down procedures for procurement, hiring, revenue collection, credit policy, business entertainment being followed? Are the stocks properly safeguarded, and loopholes for pilferage sealed? Read More...
Mystery Shopper
It’s easier to retain an existing customer than to try and win an new customer. Unfortunately a dissatisfied customer walks away and tells others about the bad service they experience whereas a satisfied customer most of the time never mentions it to anybody. We visit your business establishment and do a comprehensive service audit right from the entrance. Read More...

We help Hotel and Restaurant owners and Hospitality affiliates {Guest houses, Service apartments, Lodges, Youth Hostels} to achieve maximum results in guest service operations as well as achieving higher profit margins by giving precise direction into Hotel and Restaurants requirements from Hotel and Restaurant concept development,  start-up and daily operations; Our Hospitality and Hotel and Restaurant Pre-opening and development services, are currently available in Kenya and East Africa.

Our services also encompass all aspects in Consultancy Services, towards reliable and sustainable growth.


Increasing Guest Satisfaction by creating and carefully reviewing Guest service processes; formulate an authentic repeat guest program; effectively track guest problems and resolve them and customize service, all geared to ensure that


Increased employee satisfaction, loyalty , Guest Satisfaction

Improved Hotel Service Standards

Reliable &Sustainable Business module

Business process improvement

Business Growth and Development

24 hrs., 365 days prompt support

Growth of the bottom-line