Hotel News Kenya: Happy Trends

As hotel consultants Kenya, we  have had the opportunity to work and stay in several hotels. Although some hotels and resorts have done well the guest entertainment, many have missed easy opportunities to bring that spark of happiness to hotel guests during their stay. The selfie trend is one of such happy ‘spark’ that is […]

Hotel Industry News Kenya: Secret Camera Investigation: Hotels Dirty Secrets!

As Hotel Consultants in Kenya, and with industry and with several years experience, we have seen afew wrongful staff practices, brought about by lack of service standards of operation or  the absence of it. Most HOD’s are busy meeting targets and can hardly train their staff or follow up. With easy to use service standards […]

Referral Program

 Point & Make Money – Easy The HOTEL Industry is booming more so in East Africa, than anywhere else in Africa, experts believe that  the  industry will continue growing rapidly for several years.  With this fact, hotels, restaurants, guest houses, serviced apartments are springing up everywhere around us, the unfortunate reality is that many are […]