Hotel Industry News Kenya: Secret Camera Investigation: Hotels Dirty Secrets!


As Hotel Consultants in Kenya, and with industry and with several years experience, we have seen afew wrongful staff practices, brought about by lack of service standards of operation or  the absence of it. Most HOD’s are busy meeting targets and can hardly train their staff or follow up. With easy to use service standards of operations, and with the right understanding being instilled, service can surely be exeptional even when no one is looking.

Well if you this makes you believe it, see this video, and think about what would happen if your hotel was exposed this way or as a guest you at one time used the room glasses, which you certainly did!

Hotels Dirty Secrets: Did you use your Hotel room Glasses, Well a video here shows a secret camera investigations into hotel rooms, sadly even some of the most common brands are captured.

The glasses are simply rinsed out, using dirty linen, one housekeeper even uses gloves she just used when cleaning the toilet, the cleaning detergent used in each says on it “DO NOT DRINK” well most likely the fluid’s purpose is for surfaces.

Well as you watch the video, it clearly disturbing. Well such bad press is unnecessary if we do what we are supposed to.  View the Video Below

As Hotelier’s lets emphasize on our best practices including have regular training’s, its our responsibility to ensure that the best service standards are maintained, we owe it to our esteemed guests.

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